Friday, July 2, 2010

Yea, I'm Still Here.

I'm sure you are aware that I haven't posted in over a month...

You know it's been a while when your father calls you up and wants to know when you're going to be posting next because he needs something to read at work. Must be a slow summer in the world of plastic bottle making....

Anyway, I've been suffering from another bout of Writer's Block. I really haven't had any ideas worth sharing that wouldn't have made me go "What the hell was I thinking?" later. My last idea for a post was going to about mustaches. Seriously. I got about half way through when I said F- this and hit delete. With plenty of rest and lots of fluids I should be back to normal soon.

We've also been having major technical issues here in Jersey. My computer decided to scare the shit out of me when it teased me with a day of blinkie light of death (A new hard drive no less!) Luckily, Chris was able to do something to it and now I have a happy lappie again. I'm beginning to think that my boyfriend is a wizard in disguise. All he does is touch things and they work again. Although, his techi-touch was no match on his laptop which decided to take an early trip to the electronic warehouse in the sky. So poor Christopher has been borrowing mine.

#2935623576 of reasons why I hate being an "adult": being busy. The last couple of weekends, Chris and I have been here there and everywhere. Lancaster to see my parents, the shore, Chris's cousin graduation and a Mennonite wedding...

...And the end isn't in site quite yet. This weekend, Chris, Rob and I (and maybe Rowdy) are heading out to Lancaster to spend the 4th with some friends in Amish Country. There will probably be a few more trips to the shore (Come on, we're in Jersey, baby.) not mention that Chris and I are meeting my parents in Maine for family-apolloza 2010, where my Dad's family migrates back their ancestral homelands of the Down East to drink beer and crack open a lobsta' or two.

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