Monday, June 7, 2010

Is That Tree Talking to Me?

I jumped on the bandwagon this weekend:

I finally saw Avatar.

It was…ok.
Was it visually stunning? Yes.

In fact, I liked it better when it released before, otherwise known as Disney’s Pocahontas.

No lie; it’s practically the same story. Men come to a strange new world to take its resources despite the protest from its native inhabitants. Lone male with an attitude gets lost in wilderness and meets native girl, tries to befriend her, gets dragged to village by native girl’s cranky boyfriend to meet daddy, who happens to be the chief. Guy learns their ways while trying to woo native girl. Outsiders attack, blah, blah, blah. Long story short, I was practically waiting for home girl to burst out singing Colors of the Wind. There was even a freaking magical willow tree!

It was like James Cameron was watch Pocahontas with his kids and half way through, he jumps off the couch yelling: “You know what would make this better? Half Naked Blue People! In Space! With Sigourney Weaver!”

Seriously, this is what Cameron’s been doing since Titanic?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Eyes!

I can be pretty stupid some times.

Take the other morning for example, when I went to put in my contacts.

First, let me backtrack to the morning before, which happened to be the beginning of the month. That’s when I change my contacts. Old ones in the trash; fresh new ones in my eyes.

However, that morning, I left the old ones in the case, thinking I would dispose of them that night.

But that night, I was feeling really tired and had a headache so I just whipped out my contacts and went to bed.

I didn’t realize my error until the next morning when I opened up my contact case. Floating in the saline solution where two sets of contacts. My fresh new ones were being corrupted by the scuzzy old ones.

Le sigh.

I had two choices:

I could try to differentiate between the two sets. That would involve squinting at each one to see what they looked like and putting them to see if they itched my eye right away. That would take some time and the chance that I put the old ones back in and spend the day rubbing my eyes.

I went with choice number 2. I just opened up another new pack and went about my business.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Come to the Dark Side, They really do have cookies!

While searching for a wedding gift on Williams Sonoma's website, I found this:

(Image from their website. It's real!)

My inner Star Wars geek is doing a happy dance to the tune played in the Cantina (which is also my ring tone)!