Sunday, May 2, 2010

"You Took a Life Here Today... The Life of the Party"

It is a sad day in Scranton Pennsylvania.

Steve Carell might be leaving The Office at the end of season seven when his contract is up.

My first reaction: The same reaction that Michael Scott had when he realized that Toby had returned to his desk in the Annex:


But after thinking it over for awhile, I came to the conclusion that I guess it would not be the end of world. Carell has been on this hit show for almost seven seasons. If he wants to clear out his office and move on to other projects (i.e. a movies) that’s his business. I wouldn’t want him to stay out of guilt over the fans’ anger and phone his lines in, thus have the show’s quality suffer as a consequence. I mean, I wouldn’t stick around at a job just because other people wanted me to. This would be one of the only time I would condone a TV actor leaving a hit show to pursue a movie career, (I’m looking at you, Katherine Heigl) because in this case, Carell has some pretty successful films under his belt, excluding the horror that was Evan Almighty.

Now the million dollar question: Will the show continue without him?

Could it? Yes. There are, theoretically, enough story lines to last The Office several more seasons. Dwight and Angela’s legal baby drama could fill one season on its own. So could Kelly and Ryan’s love/hate relationship. Although that could be a moot point if the rumor that Mindy Kaling is getting her own show on NBC is true.

Should it? Probably not. I mean, Michael is The Office. The whole premise of the show is the obnoxious antics of Michael Scott and how his employees react to said antics. Not to mention the past couple of episodes haven’t been as funny as past seasons. If they do decide to continue the show, the writing would have to be iron clad hilarious or it’s going to go the way of Jonie Loves Chachi or worse… Joey.

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