Saturday, May 8, 2010

Does God have a Grudge against Jersey?

Either God hates New Jersey history, or he really didn’t want me to do much educational learning today.

So my parents came to visit today in honor of Mother’s Day weekend. (Holiday’s are fun when you are in a serious relationship, trying to spend time with both families) After a delicious, albeit windy, lunch at the Barn, I suggested visiting some of the area’s historic areas.

Turns out, there is lots of history here. Who knew?

Anywho, we decided on Washington’s Headquarters in Morristown. Apparently, Washington and his troops hung out here for a winter in 1780 (History lesson 1: After Valley Forge. Although the winter in 1780 was worse, less men died then at VF)

History Lesson #2: Whoever laid out the street plan for Morristown was an idiot with the wacky one way streets.

Finally, we found the Ford Mansion, along with a two room museum and a creepy park ranger who informed us and some Dutch tourist that the actual Headquarters was closed for repairs but for 4 bucks we could walk around the two rooms. Darn.

I’m not sure the two rooms were worth the $4 but it was interesting to see some of the artifacts… which included an 18th century breast pump.

Part of the exhibit talked about a reconstruction of the winter encampment that was close by so we thought why not?

Well, we didn't make it... there was a massive tree that brought down power lines and blocked the road.

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