Monday, August 23, 2010

Vacation Recap

Yeah, yeah, my vacation officially ended two weeks and it’s taken me this long to blog about it. Well, I’ve had more important things to do, like de-clog my bathroom sink, bake banana bread or, I don’t know, actually work. (As much as I like blogging, this doesn’t pay the bills….)

Day 1

After a trip from hell, we woke up to this view:

Totally worth the 7 hour stroll though construction zones and rubbernecking.

Then it was off to pick you my baby sister at Colby after her summer of stimulating chemistry research.

Which lead us to lunch in the town that our Puritan ancestors founded after they arrived in the new world, after they missed the Mayflower voyage. (True story)

My mom had seen an ad for whoopie pie shop nearby and knowing my affinity for the sugary delight, we had to stop.


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